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Restore and Rebalance Your Body Naturally

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Medical Acupuncture 

Laser for Many Health Concerns...

Certified K Laser & THOR Laser Provider

Laser Treatments aka Photobiomodulation (PBM) for: Sport Specific Pains & Injuries, Post- Op Procedures, ALL Pain, & Non-Needle Laser Acupuncture 

Vitamin Shots

Vitamin B12
Lipo-Den Extreme for Weight Loss
Vitamin B12 Oral Sprays

Homeopathic RX Injections

Adrenal Fatigue Or Burnout Homeopathic Treatments

Arnica- Reduce: Pain, Bruising, Swelling, Inflammation 
Calmvalera- Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Nervous Disorders
Gelsemium- Reduce Painful Nerve Conditions
Hepar- Improve Liver Health & Digestive Issues
Lymphaden- Improve Lymphatic System, Assist Weight Loss & Detox

Speciality Face Treatments

Acupuncture Facial 
Micro Current Facial aka Lunchtime Lift
Micro Needling Facial 
Increase Collagen, Lift & Tone, Reduce Hyper Pigmentation, Reduce Acne Scar  

Medical Qigong 

Rebalancing Emotional Dis-ease & more... 

If you don't see an online appointment that works for you, please do not hesitate to phone the office & we will do our best to try to find something that does.  

Please be note there is a 12 Hour Cancellation Policy.  This gives us ample time to notify someone that might be waiting for a specific appointment time.     

Thank you & looking forward to helping you address your health concerns.  

Online Scheduling

Select a service to schedule an appointment.

  • All New Patients

    This is the Initial Consultation & Treatment for All Patients that have Not been under the care at Asian Integrative Medicine, Inc
  • Medical Acupuncture Treatments

    These are follow up appointments for patients that have already had a initial consultation at Asian Integrative Medicine, Inc.
  • Laser Treatment for: Sport Specific Injuries, Pain Management, or Pre & Post-Op Care

    Laser Treatments for All Types of Pains, by Certified K Laser Providers
    • 15 Minute Initial Laser Consultation Free
      Laser Consultation to see if you are a candidate for Laser Treatments regarding your health concerns and/or pains
    • Laser Treatment Single Area $75
      Single area treated with either laser; ex. neck pain, or left shoulder pain
    • Laser Treatment Multiple Areas $100
      Multiple areas treated on the same day; ex. lower back pain, let sciatica pain, and knee pain, shoulder pain
    • Speciality Face Treatments

      • Acupuncture Lift $150
        Acupuncture Needles Applied to the Face to Create Lift, Tone, and Nourish the Face Naturally.  
      • Mirco Current Facial- "Lunchtime Lift" $150
        Considered the "Lunchtime Lift" because it is a quick natural lift.  NON-NEEDLE Treatment for the Face to Create Lift, Tone & Nourish the Face Naturally, using Micro Current.  NO RISK OF BRUISING 
      • Micro Needling Facial $225
        This is a very specialized facial using a Micro Needling Pen with several needles that penetrate the skin to: Produce Collagen, Lift & Tone, Correct Hyper Pigmentation, and Reduce Acne Scars.  This procedure has best results as accumulative treatment over several weeks. 
      • Scar Revision Per Area $150
        This is a specialized treatment to be used on most scars. Moxibustion and Micro Needling are used on recent and old scars to help reduce their visibility.  Accumulative treatments are suggested for best results.  
    • Vitamin Shots & Homeopathic RX Injections

      • Vitamin B12 Shots $25
        B12 Injections are more highly recommended because B12 Injections give assurance that the vitamin will be directly absorbed by the body with little nutrients wasted.  Suggested once per week unless certain health concern deems necessary for more frequency
      • Weight Loss Shots- Lipo-Den Extreme $45
        Lipotrophic Nutirent Injection for Weight Loss Includes fat burning compounds : Vitamin B12, L-Carnitine, Choline, Inositol, Methionine, B Complex Vitamins, other Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids 
      • Homeopathic RX Injection Per Site $100
        Hevert Homeopathic RX Injection Intramuscular Per Site
      • Adrenal Fatigue Burnout Treatment $225
        For Established Patient, this is a series of Hevert Homeopathic Injections along the para spinal muscles that correspond to the internal organs systems help to restore balance to the body.  In addition, meso injections of homeopathics surrounding the adrenals and kidneys are administered.  This type of adrenal fatigue treatment is usually done in a series of 3-4 with a 10 day break in between treatments
  • Other Speciality Treatments

    • Cupping (Retained) $45
      Cupping Retained on specific acupuncture points for specific health concerns.  This style of treatment may leave bruising that can last for 3-7 days 
    • Cupping (Slide) $45
      Cupping using a sliding technique that helps specific health concerns and reduce muscle spasms and cellulite.  This style of treatment may leave bruising that can last 3-7 days
    • Ear Seeds $10
      Ear Seeds are used to prolong treatment benefits in between appointment times, they should be removed in 3-5 days and replaced at next appointment time 
    • Gua Sha $45
      Gua Sha is a Chinese Medicinal technique of gentle scraping of the skin to: promote blood circulation, reduce muscle spasm, and treat specific health concerns.  This style of treatment may leave bruising for 3-7 days
    • Medical Qigong 30 mins $75
      Follow Up Medical Qigong Treatment 30 mins
    • Medical Qigong 60 min $150
      Follow Up Medical Qigong Treatment 60 mins
    • Medical Qigong 90 mins $200
      Follow Up Medical Qigong Treatment 90 mins
    • Tui Na $45
      This is an add-on service. Tui Na is a Chinese Medicinal Massage on specific acupuncture points and meridians for specific health concerns.  
  • Herbs & Supplements



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